Unlock the Potential of Multimodal Transportation with Pick Container! Our efficient solutions are perfect for medium and long distances. We offer services using various containers, including 20DC, 40HC, and 40DC, covering routes to China, the CIS, Turkey, India, and the UAE.

Experience the full benefits offered by efficient and reliable multimodal freight transportation. Choose Pick Container as your trusted partner for achieving impeccable and successful logistics solutions! We are prepared to provide you with optimal multimodal solutions, harmoniously integrating rail, sea, and road transport modes. Embark on new horizons with Pick Container by your side.
Our specialization and experience in container transportation allow us to provide the highest level of knowledge and skills. We know how to efficiently organize the transportation of goods in various types of containers, such as 20DC, 40HC, and 40DC, ensuring their safety and timely delivery.
Container transportation is one of the most effective ways to transport large goods. We help optimize transportation costs by selecting the appropriate container type, the optimal route, and the mode of transport.
We can offer various options for solving your problems - a 40-foot sea container, a 20-foot sea container, high cube, double door containers, flat rack and many others, on excellent terms for any task in sea logistics.
20 feet dry van container
40 feet dry van container
40 feet high cube dry van container
45 feet high cube dry van container
20 feet pallet wide container
40 feet pallet wide container
40 feet high cube pallet wide container
45 feet high cube pallet wide container
20 feet double door container
45 feet high cube pallet wide container
20 feet double door container
40 feet double door container
20 feet high cube double door container
20 feet side door container
20 feet open top
40 feet open top
20 feet flat rack
40 feet flat rack
40 feet platform
20 feet refeer container
40 feet high cube reefer
20 feet bulker
fuel tank
About Us
PICK CONTAINER comprises a team of seasoned professionals equipped with extensive experience and a profound understanding of the global container market. Our company's cornerstones are quality and expediency. We are dynamically evolving and eager to embrace increasingly intricate challenges from our valued clients.

Central to every project is the meticulous selection of containers, strictly adhering to the highest ISO safety standards. We offer an array of options, encompassing both new and used sea containers in standard and customized sizes tailored to your specific requirements. Our containers undergo thorough servicing, ensuring their resilience against various weather conditions. They find versatile applications, from international shipping to storage and on-site construction.

Experience the advantages of efficient and reliable multimodal freight transportation by choosing Pick Container as your long-term partner in achieving successful logistics solutions! We offer optimal multimodal solutions that integrate rail, sea, and road transport. Explore new possibilities with Pick Container.
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With offices in China, Turkey, Russia and a strong presence in the Middle East, we are well positioned to offer exceptional quality and service to our customers. Our extensive network of partners and logistics experts allows us to offer fast delivery times and low prices.

Our dedication extends to providing top-notch intermodal logistics services. Through a strategic combination of rail, sea, and road transportation modes, we deliver seamless solutions for your cargo needs. We optimize routes, enhance efficiency, and secure your goods' timely arrival, regardless of the distance or complexity. With our intermodal expertise, we ensure a comprehensive approach to logistics that's efficient, cost-effective, and reliable.
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